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Please welcome After Hours Speaker for May 17th….. Stockton Perry. Plan to attend and learn how you might
“Love what you do and get results”.

Stockton Perry grew up one of five boys in eastern North Carolina. His mom is a pediatrician and his dad is a lawyer. He attended UNC Chapel Hill and taught high school Spanish the year after graduating. He got married, moved to Charlotte, and started working with Chick-fil-A in July of 2008. Through this experience, Stockton learned that leadership is not about being a dictator that bosses others around but rather leadership is about loving and serving those around you and inspiring them to be their best. His ownership in Chick-fil-A started August of 2012 in Concord, NC. Stockton’s team grew the business from $2.3-million dollars in revenue to $4.3 million dollars in revenue in less than 5 years. A simple quote from this energetic speaker, “I love my family, I love my job, and I love my community.”

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