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What is an SEO Audit

Is your business showing up where you want it to be showing up in Search Engines?  Are you found for the correct terms?  Are you on the first page of results?  Is your website buried under a ton of directories offering reviews of your business, but not under your control?

There are over 200 factors that search engines rely on to figure out what results to display.  The MS Digital Solutions SEO Audit takes a deep dive into how and why your business hows up where it does in searches.  It’s a great way to learn how your customers are really finding you and where your competition may be showing up.

What The SEO Audit Looks At

  1. Page and Site Structure
    1. A deep dive into your site and how your pages are laid out – this includes page level titles, descriptions, meta tags.  I collect this information for every page, but only analyze a handful.  For structural items like this, what has been done on one is typically found on all.  But I have the information for all should we have a question about a specific page
    2. I look at how the content is presented to search engines.  Are we utilizing every opportunity to give the search engine the information it is looking for including, page titles, page descriptions, URL, headlines, Alt Image tags, and more.  Once again, I collect information for every page but only analyze a few as this to tends to be consistent across the site.
  2. Page content.
    1. Keyword Density – I collect the most frequently used words and phrases on EVERY page so that we can compare any page against what you would like that page to appear in search engine’s for.
    2. Cross linking – are we taking advantage of content within the site that can be used to promote relevant content on other pages with well-placed and well-constructed links.
  3. Off-Site SEO
    1. Do you have external sites linking to you?  How Many?  What are some of these sites?  What are the words they are using in the links?
    2. Do you have well-formed and well-placed links to relevant and authoritative 3rd party content sources?
    3. Do you have quality ratings and reviews across quality review sites?
  4. Local SEO
    1. Is your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) data present on all pages and is it consistent with what is seen about your business in online directories?
  5. And much more
    1. Search Engines look at over 200 factors in all when determining your results.  The audit collects information related to many more factors than you probably want to read here.


$200 (a $50 savings from the standard $200 rate)

What you get

In addition to receiving access to all Audit data in detail, you get a consultation session in which we review the results and discuss you goals for how your content should appear in search engines.  As part of this I will give you a series of recommended next steps and try to break them down by the level of technical knowledge needed to accomplish each, a sense of prioritization, and a sense of cost for any steps you may be interested in engaging MS Digital Solutions for.  But the information is yours to keep regardless of whether you decide to work with me further or not.

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