Our Divisions

Be Engaged With BLU

There are many ways that members can be all-in and get the most out of their BLU experience. One of the best is to be engaged in one of BLU’s operating divisions.  These divisions deliver the programing and experiences that make BLU, Networking’s Next Level.

From helping out in our community service projects with BLU Cares, to meeting and on-boarding new members with the Membership division, we have opportunities for all interests and skill levels.

Program Divisions

BLU Cares

The BLU cares committee is a group of Business leaders committed to serve and fulfill the needs of our community. Yes, Team BLU is a group of business professionals. In fact, this group boasts the top notch of business professionals. But they also realize they are part of a bigger community. These teammates are eager to give back to that bigger community. Twice per quarter Team BLU gathers to volunteer at many non-profits throughout the area. It may be spreading mulch at a child advocacy center, serving at a soup kitchen, or throwing a dance party! The common denominator is that the team provides a service to a group that needs it-while having a great time doing it. Smiles can be seen all around.

BLU Cares Contact:
Chris Mulcahy

BLU Circles

You will never look at mastermind sessions the same again after seeing how BLU holds one. If the idea is that a group, working together creates an additional member of a group – a mastermind – just from how they work together, just wait and see what happens when you put a bunch of BLU members in a room to talk about topics that are of interest to you.

BLU Circles Contact:
Laurie Schible

BLU Books

This is not your grandmother’s book club. When BLU members get together to discuss a book, whether it be on leadership, sales, communication or any other topic, they bring perspectives, experience and knowledge to bear, like no other group. These are Book Clubs next level.

BLU Books Contact:
Steven Edwards

Operating Divisions


The Membership Division is responsible for bringing in great teammates, mentoring team members, and launching new chapters.  If you enjoy meeting and engaging with new people on a regular basis, this may be for you.

    Membership Contact:
    Nick Whitney

    Marketing & Technology

    The Marketing & Technology division maintains and develops the infrastructure that keeps BLU running, from our website to our mobile app and all of the tools members use to engage with each other and the public.

      Marketing and Technology Contact:
      Matt Swanson