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BLU has put together a team of professionals that you can trust and refer!

Members of our team are great at follow-up and provide quality products and services.

We ask our team members to follow our core values and standards in their business practices for both their customers and fellow BLU team members.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping
[ultimatemember form_id=706]
Art, Design & Entertainment

[ultimatemember form_id=25641]

Attorneys - Family Law
[ultimatemember form_id=366]
Attorney - Real Estate / Estate Planning
[ultimatemember form_id=863]
Audio Visual
[ultimatemember form_id=537]
Auto Maintenance / Detailing
[ultimatemember form_id=373]
[ultimatemember form_id=539]
Bartending Services

[ultimatemember form_id=25656]

Boat Sales
[ultimatemember form_id=25549]
Brand and Reputation Management
[ultimatemember form_id=25240]
Business Association
[ultimatemember form_id=702]
Business Finance and Brokers
[ultimatemember form_id=675]
Business Coaching
[ultimatemember form_id=540]
Business Development
[ultimatemember form_id=25102]
[ultimatemember form_id=542]
Electrical Contractor
[ultimatemember form_id=25352]
Estate Sales - Non Real Estate
[ultimatemember form_id=24853]
Financial Services
[ultimatemember form_id=545]
Fire and Water Damage
[ultimatemember form_id=1101]
Fitness & Training
[ultimatemember form_id=24841]
Furniture Sales
[ultimatemember form_id=1099]
Hair Stylists
[ultimatemember form_id=546]
[ultimatemember form_id=547]
Health Care Products
[ultimatemember form_id=555]
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
[ultimatemember form_id=550]
Home Builder
[ultimatemember form_id=1417]
Hotel and Resort Marketing
[ultimatemember form_id=1098]
Human Resources
[ultimatemember form_id=549]
[ultimatemember form_id=551]
Insurance - Commercial
[ultimatemember form_id=24990]
Insurance - Health
[ultimatemember form_id=25451]
Jewelry Sales
[ultimatemember form_id=1281]
Junk Haulers

[ultimatemember form_id=25589]

Landscape Design
[ultimatemember form_id=25562]
Lending - Commercial
[ultimatemember form_id=808]
Life Coaching
[ultimatemember form_id=1134]
[ultimatemember form_id=1097]
Marketing Services
[ultimatemember form_id=1416]
Marriage and Family Therapy
[ultimatemember form_id=638]
Medical and Health Services
[ultimatemember form_id=898]
Merchant Services
[ultimatemember form_id=556]
Mortgage Lending
[ultimatemember form_id=834]
Motivational Speakers
[ultimatemember form_id=1131]
Office Technology
[ultimatemember form_id=1279]
Online Marketing
[ultimatemember form_id=345]
Payroll Services
[ultimatemember form_id=900]
Pet Services
[ultimatemember form_id=1091]
Phone and Internet Services
[ultimatemember form_id=558]
[ultimatemember form_id=654]
Printing - Signs - Promotional Products
[ultimatemember form_id=559]
Print Marketing
[ultimatemember form_id=553]
Property Management
[ultimatemember form_id=884]
Real Estate - Commercial
[ultimatemember form_id=560]
Real Estate - Residential
[ultimatemember form_id=561]
Real Estate - Investing
[ultimatemember form_id=562]
Roofing, Gutters, and Painting
[ultimatemember form_id=563]
Sales Training
[ultimatemember form_id=25282]
Security Systems
[ultimatemember form_id=564]
Skin Care
[ultimatemember form_id=776]
Staffing Solutions
[ultimatemember form_id=1415]
Technology – Computer Replacement / Repair
[ultimatemember form_id=496]
Technology – Managed / Outsourced Network
[ultimatemember form_id=864]
Training and Tutoring
[ultimatemember form_id=565]
Trash/Recyclers Haulers

[ultimatemember form_id=25655]

Travel Agent
[ultimatemember form_id=1280]
Virtual Professional
[ultimatemember form_id=782]
Vision / Dental Benfits
[ultimatemember form_id=866]
Water Filtration Systems
[ultimatemember form_id=25354]
Woodworking Design
[ultimatemember form_id=25353]
To be a member of Team BLU and represented in our “Member Directory” an individual must be invited by a current BLU member. They must be vetted by the membership committee and approved by the leadership committee. They must also be in good standing, by being actively engaged in team communication, attending team meetings, and following our “Core Values” to be represented on our “Membership Directory”

BLU reserves the right to remove any individual from its roster at any time if the leadership committee feels the BLU member is not adhering to requirements.

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