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David Beard is President of Dbeard Consulting, LLC. After 32 years with Lance Inc. serving as Safety Director, Chip Plant Superintendent, Operations Analyst, Director of Compensation and 6 years as the Senior Director of Training and Organizational Development, he has developed a “real world understanding” of what is needed to support employees in all aspects of their development. Currently his focus is to assist companies in selecting and developing employees, as well as, working with teams to improve communications and team interactions.


David will discuss the 4 Critical components that comprise the Universal Performance Matrix. First is the Static Credentials Component. (Do your team members have the education, experience, job stability and track record for the role)? The other 3 Dynamic Components multiply or leverage the credentials. Once you have identified these components, you can easily meld the findings, with an interview process, to dramatically avoid the misfires and improve successful hires and improved employee performance of your existing team!


The Dynamic Components are as follows:


  • Static Credentials Component: A person’s education, experience, job stability, and track record
  • Critical Thinking:  A person’s capacity to make the right, bright decisions
  • Internal Motivators/Values:  A person’s internal motivators that show us HOW they will form their action steps as they seek to implement their critical thinking decisions in the area of their expertise.  
  • Natural Behavioral Style (DISC): A person’s behaviors that define HOW they communicate, share or connect their motivated critical thinking, in their areas of expertise, with other people.  
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