Stephen Vaughn, a husband, a father, and a former Physical Education teacher of 7 years has embarked on the ultimate dream chasing journey. He exited his teaching career in 2013 by jumping with no safety net to fulfill the growing demand of Xcel 2 Fitness, a non-profit he created to impact boys 3-5 grade and empower them to chase their dreams. It was from the pain of losing his father and the passion of making teaching PE as fun as possible as the gateway for generating smiles and building confidence. His desire to impact kids quickly expanded outside of the walls of his school and is now in 8 states across the nation empowering Dream Chasers. His passion for empowering kids through X2F to reach for their passion, build the right team around them in life, and develop the grit to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their dreams is making an impact in and out of the classroom and is positioning kids for their dream chasing capabilities.
As Xcel 2 Fitness continues growing across the nation Stephen is using this passion to speak to businesses, individuals, and many other groups, empowering more people to be Dream Chasers.
Stephen is also the co-author of a book called, “How To Catch A Star” developed as yet another tool to impact more kids and empower more Dream Chasers!
Video Overview link: X2F in Action