BLU Luncheon at the L K N ….you get the dynamic duo presentation from Kimberly Coons Lmft and Dr. Damon Silas!
They will lead us in MENTAL HEALTH JEOPARDY!
What is mental health Jeopardy? A fun, engaging and educational way to explore mental health and wellness. Mental health can be a vulnerable topic yet so important in the entrepreneurial world to make sure we are functioning in our best state. However how many of you have considered the mental health and well being of our customers and clients. Are we really being attuned to their emotional needs. Today’s Jeopardy format will help you gain comfort and vocabulary knowledge to help start such conversations. Win or lose you will walk away with new found awareness and appreciation for how your emotions, thoughts and behaviors interact together.
Kimberly Coons is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Sex addiction therapist and part owner of Flyleaf Counseling PLLC in Davidson . Kimberly has vast knowledge working with couples from an emotion focused perspective and helping them identify and share their often difficult and uncomfortable emotions that go unspoken to help the couple break out of their dance. Kimberly also passionately works with families, children, teenagers, couples and individuals who struggle with process addictions including sex, love and porn. Kimberly wants to continue to educate and break the silence in the Lake Norman community about such challenges to healthy intimacy.Dr. Damon Silas is a Clinical Psychologist and Mind/Body Wellness Coach, and founder of Tipping Point Wellness, LLC. He has extensive and diverse experience, ranging from working with children and adolescents on the autistic spectrum, those with emotional disturbances, as well as working with the military population. Dr. Silas specializes in loss, transition, trauma, and helps people transform their pain and stuckness into personal power and possibility. Dr. Silas is the author of a book entitled From Mourning To Knight: Overcoming Loss, which chronicles the losses he has experienced in his life, how he has worked through these losses, and how he has helped his patients through their own struggles and difficulties. He also has authored an eBook entitled What’s Your ACTION Plan? 6 Powerful Ways To Get Unstuck In Your Life Now, which details ways to help those who feel stuck in their lives take their next steps forward. He is all about holistic health and wellness, and is a firm believer that just like an oil change, we all could benefit from a mental health tune-up from time to time!