“Overcoming Adversity To Succeed Against All Odds”

July 19th Guest Speaker – Wendy Jordan, Mrs. North Carolina, 2017.

In preparation for taking the national stage in Las Vegas next month, Wendy Jordan will be speaking to us on Overcoming Adversity Against All Odds.

Wendy Jordan is the new “Mrs. North Carolina”, and is on her journey to Mrs. America in Las Vegas this August. She believes life is a gift meant to touch, inspire, and impact as many people as possible, and strives to encourage others to dream big dreams, share their stories, and start living life fearlessly without limits.

She models professionally, and over the years has worked for many top Fortune 500 companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Belk, Sears, Lee Jeans, Wrangler, Nordstrom, Lowes Home Improvement, Marriott, Laz-y-Boy, Home Depot, etc… most recently being featured in several full-page ad campaigns in People Magazine, and one coming up in Southern Living.

Wendy is a digital marketing strategist specializing in search engine optimization, web development, and brand positioning… earning her official Partner certifications from Google.

She founded and oversees Jordan Digital Agency, a marketing and consulting firm hired by local businesses to drive sales and revenue by increasing their visibility in the search engines, expanding their online presence and web properties.

She now spends most of her time running her husband’s business Jordan Retirement Solutions, an insurance agency serving seniors, which has been featured in top media affiliates such as ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. She is responsible for handling all of it’s web development, content production, public relations, book-keeping and client acquisition.

Wendy’s platform of choice as Mrs. North Carolina is the “Twilight Wish Foundation”, which works to enhance the quality of life for the vulnerable, low-income elderly. “I believe senior citizens have a wealth of wisdom to offer younger generations and are the very ones that built our country and made it what it is today. I’ve always been taught to honor and respect your elders, so I’m thrilled to get to inspire others to do the same”, says Wendy.