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Presenter / Speaker Registration

If you are interested in presenting to BLU members at either our after-hours or lunch meetings, please fill out the form at right.  These presentations are NOT intended to be sales pitches.  They are intended to be educational, inspirational, and entertaining.  We are looking for seasoned presenters that are highly engaging and informative in their presentational style.  If you think you are a good fit, have a topic that our members would benefit from, and have a proven track record keeping audiences engaged, we’d love to hear from you.

If you are a member of BLU, please indicate which chapter you are a member of.
What is the title of your presentation?
How long is this presentation? We typically have 10 to 15 minutes designated for a lunch meeting and 15-20 minutes for an after-hours
Please provide a brief synopsis of your presentation including the topics covered and the audience take-away - if selected, this may be used to promote your presentation at this event.
Please describe your qualifications to present on this topic as well as a background of where else you have done this presentation or have done other presentations of a similar nature.
Please provide a biography that can be used to promote you as the presenter.
Please provide a photo suitable for promoting your presentation.
Please upload a video of you speaking/presenting to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video streaming service and provide the link to it here.
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