Membership “Code Of Conduct”

Effective Date: 1-1-2018

This Code Of Conduct sets forth the principles and practices of professional conduct to be practiced and observed by the members of Business Leaders Unleashed. Team BLU Professionals have an obligation to their profession, teammates, clients, and BLU as a
whole to uphold the high ideals and standards of professional conduct set forth by this organization. BLU teammates should have an obligation to serve the interests of their business, employers, employees, BLU leadership, and their BLU teammates loyally, diligently and
honestly. A BLU member shall not engage in conduct that discredits the reputation or integrity of Business Leaders Unleashed, themselves, other BLU members, or their profession. Business Leaders Unleashed reserves the right to determine what actions or lack thereof dictate a violation of this code of conduct. Business Leaders Unleashed also reserves the right to terminate or change the status of any active member at any time for any violation of this code. The BLU executive leadership shall be responsible for all final approvals or changes to any official BLU policy, and or membership. BLU executive leadership shall be made up of the organization’s president, and
vice president also known as ownership or principles.

The essential elements relating to membership and professional practice are:

  • A high standard of skill and knowledge of your profession / business
  • Confidentiality for clients, and team members within BLU
  • The practice and observation of:
    • The Core4 principals of BLU
    • The conduct outlined in this document
    • The current policies, procedures, attendance requirements, and other essential elements of membership as outlined by BLU executive leadership & official documents
    • Promote appropriate standards of professional behavior.
  • Maintain a positive dialog, and attitude both privately & publicly about the organization, it’s policies, & members
  • A high level of engagement physically, and digitally in accordance with current policies
  • I agree to keep an up to date credit card on file in my profile to which annual dues will be charged and acknowledge that these dues are non-refundable should my membership be terminated or should I choose to terminate my membership.

BLU Credit Card Policy

All members will maintain an active credit card on file in their membership account for the purposes of paying annual dues.  These dues will automatically be charged to this credit card annually.  Dues payments are non-refundable.  Should a member choose to discontinue membership or in the event that membership is terminated, no reimbursement or refund will be made of any dues payments.