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About BLU

Mission Statement

Business Leaders United is a team of enthusiastic, forward-thinking professionals working together to grow their businesses. Members place a strong focus on building relationships, passing referrals to each other, making connections, learning from each other and giving back to the community.

Our Meetings

BLU holds two meetings each month. A BLU lunch meeting lasts from 12pm to 1:30pm. A BLU after hours lasts from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. The lunch meeting is the 1st Wednesday of each month, and the after-hours meeting is the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Typically the first 30mins is dedicated to walking around, shaking hands, meeting people and learning about each other’s businesses as well as what they do for fun! This networking is followed up by a quick meeting to go over some BLU information. This meeting will also include approximately 10 minutes of education where pre-selected BLU members will be able to share something about what they do that may be beneficial to the group. When then close each meeting with more networking, and relationship building.

Core Values of BLU

Share business knowledge
Iron sharpens iron and we truly believe that our customers expect and deserve the very best from us. This can be accomplished by not only learning from our customers, and industry, but those with years of proven experience in the business and service world. Learning from one another and sharing ideas to bring the very best to our industry and customers is key to success and a better business.

Connect each other with key individuals of importance
Listening is a key skill set and when one member needs a connection with a key individual or company that we have an established relationship with, we connect the two together. We feel that if a member can do this, then they are likely to have the same practice in the work place.
Do business with each other
Knowing firsthand how a company operates and treats customers makes recommending them that much easier. Our communities are healthier when quality businesses and solo professionals thrive and when this happens it generally doesn’t leave room for those who do not put the customer first and provide the right solutions. For these reasons, we do business with each other and hold each other accountable to providing great products, and services.

Refer business to each other
We want our customers, friends, and family members to get the best products and services available at fair prices. We put in the time and effort to find the best people to work with. Once we do this we make that information available to our customers by referring business to each other.

At BLU, we hold each other accountable. We strive for both individual and team success. We feel that when this is the mentality and approach an individual or a company takes the biggest winner, is the customers we serve.

It’s important for potential customers to understand that BLU team members do NOT pay to be on Team BLU and members of our team will be removed from our membership if they fail to adhere to our requirements and standards.

The Leadership Team


Titus Bartolotta


Bob Gors

Vice President

Zack Bonczek

Membership Chair

Matt Swanson

Technology Chair

Kenneth Turull

Connections Chair

Paul DeBellis

Marketing Chair

Erika Erlenbach

Education Chair

Jessie Mullen

BLU Cares Chair

Courtney McCarthy

BLU Biz Chair