What Brings You To BLU Today?

A Solution

BLU Members are some of the best in their fields.  Our members know that the work they do is a direct reflection on not only themselves but their teammates and strive to exceed expectations. If a BLU member can’t help meet your specific needs, they will connect you with someone who can.
What Brings You To BLU Today?

A Great Team 

BLU Members know that the work we do is a direct reflection on the relationships we build.  Networking isnt just showing up and exchanging business cards.  It’s all about building meaningful relationships and doing great work for each other.  We grow together through these relationships.

BLU Members Adhere to 4 Core Principles of Networking!

Do business with one another

The best way to get to know the business of another member is take out your wallet and actually do business with them.  You will know first hand the quality of their work, the kind of work they can do, and how to refer them.


Refer One Another

Every day, as we go about our personal and work lives we run across people that may need the product or service that a teammate provides. Connecting that person with the right members helps everybody.

Connect One Another

We all have a network of connections.  Sometimes making a connection to the right individual that can help grow or improve a teammates businesses is even better than a referal.  We look to use our networks to raise the levels of everybody on the team.

Educate One Another

When you network with a giver’s heart, every time you encounter a teammate, you want them to be better off for the experience. So even if you don’t have the opportunity to do business or pass a referal or connection, you can always make sure they learn something useful.
If you have questions, we have answers? Whether you are trying to find the right member for your needs, want to learn more about membership, or know an organization that would benefit from one of our BLU Cares projects, we’d love to hear from you.