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BLU | Networking's Next Level

Crawfish and Cornhole

What: A great time for friends and family of all ages! Come out an eat some great food, listen to great music, have fun, and meet a lot of great people!
When: Sunday, July 15, 1pm to 6pm
Where: Harvey’s in Cornelius – 19906 N Cove Rd A, Cornelius, NC 28031

Greetings from the BLU President

Thank you for visiting the Team BLU website. I want to share with you the most important details surrounding this organization and how you can get involved or take full advantage of the value a BLU professional near you offers.

Our WHO –

BLU is far more then a leads group, or a group of traditional business networkers interested in passing business cards, but rather a team of individuals working together to create a movement in the professional networking space within the communities our members live and serve. We want to be the very best in the industries we collectively represent and place great emphasis on being very intentional with the actions and words that represent ourselves and our businesses. We follow some unique guide lines and standards such as our “Core4” which is a commitment to each other and ourselves:

  1. Do business with each other.
  2. Pass warm leads.
  3. Make meaningful connections for each other.
  4. Teach each other things of value.

These principles guide our standards and expectations for each other as teammates. We are a team of people who promote, encourage, and work to grow each others individual growth in business.

Our WHY –

Team BLU can be more impactful and more meaningful to your personal development and success in business simply because like minded people of talent and hard work are stronger together then apart. The truth is small businesses and solo professionals have different resources and options then larger corporations. Advertising & marketing, needs to be highly efficient and personal for people that greatly understand their limitations and bottom line. We want to have lasting relationships that create long term success that has lasting power. This is why we believe that truly caring about one another and holding each other accountable to the intentional actions of investing in each other as a measure of investing in our own success and growth in business is the right path for such success.

We welcome individuals who are both willing and excited about being givers and the kind of teammates that want to see their team win on every level. We are not looking for fair weather networkers, but rather networking powerhouses. Professionals who are the best in their class and are ready to invest their time, energy, and effort into the success of Team BLU. Are you ready to take networking to the next level? Ready to join a team that takes growing relationships very seriously? Are you able to commit to the Core4, attending team meetings, having one on one meetings to learn about those on your team?

Thank you for for visiting.

Titus Bartolotta



Team BLU

BLU  represents a team of quailty business professionals in the Carolinas. These professionals are well vetted and provide quality products, services, and solutions to the markets they live, work, and serve.